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From 2017–2019 I worked on pharma accounts at FCB, freelance at first, then joining the agency as a Senior Copywriter (medical focus officially) in March of that year. In 2019 I transitioned to the PACCAR team, leading copy for the […]

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Kraft Good Seasons

Microsite Copy: mouth-watering product descriptions Art-themed microsite for a premium line of Kraft salad dressings. Experience the Fine Art of Dressing. Your salad is a work of art. You choose the flavor, set the style, balance the elements… Complete the […]

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Talk City

The Talk City Gab weekly email: character, concept, and copy create buzz and sell In 1999 and 2000, I wrote a biweekly chat events guide in the form of a gossipy email from a fictional Talk City staffer. She was Gabby, a […]

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Enova Oil

Enova Oil Microsite Copy, Infographic Script: getting past the unfamiliar Don’t change the way you cook Don’t change the way you eat Don’t change the way you live Just change your oil Enova oil was a 2002 attempt by Kao […]

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Banner Gallery

Banners: tell the story in just a few k From modern to ancient, I’ve done hundreds of banner ads. Classic format, full of constraints — budgetary, aesthetic, creative. NUEDEXTA— FCB Restasis — FCB USRobotics BigPicture – Leap Partnership ‘Be An […]