Microsite Copy: mouth-watering product descriptions

Art-themed microsite for a premium line of Kraft salad dressings.

Kraft Good Seasons

Experience the Fine Art of Dressing.

Your salad is a work of art. You choose the flavor, set the style, balance the elements… Complete the composition with Kraft Good Seasons. Six distinctive premium dressings for your palette – and your palate.


Good Seasons Salad Dressings are blended to exhibit their own unique, bright and exceptional balance. From light and lively to full-bodied and concentrated, discover the distinctive character of each flavor.

Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Deliciously dark and rich, piquant yet still sweet. The clarity of extra virgin olive oil blends with assertive garlic and the complexity of balsamic vinegar.


Red Raspberry with Poppyseed

Dazzling ruby red hues and flavors to match. A great burst of tanginess with bright raspberry tones. Tantalizing on the palate, crisp and brilliant.


Sun Dried Tomato with Roasted Red Pepper

Radiant as the setting sun, filled with the warmth of the garden and the hearth. Hearty oregano and black pepper complement creamy Parmesan and Romano cheeses; well-rounded and satisfying.


Creamy Caesar with Aged Parmesan

A classic creamy Caesar, redolent with fine aged Parmesan coupled to earthy black pepper and savory garlic and onion. Their harmonious union elevates any salad.


Asian Sesame with Ginger

Boasts a soft ruddy color as well as sumptuous notes of soy and ginger. Explodes on the palate with elegant spiciness. It’s rare to find such tantalizing flavors and character.


Italian Vinaigrette with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With amber hues and splashes of red, each bite is a complex interplay of hearty garlic, sweet peppers, and exotic oregano. A robust flavor with a long, rich finish.