Cox Communications Order Flow UX Copy: friction-free experience is always the goal

In the summer of 2014 I was engaged at FCB to write UX copy for a Cox Communications order flow redesign. The funny thing about user experience copy is that ideally you just don’t notice it at all. It’s functional. It’s like the air, but you don’t want to actually be able to see it; if you can, something’s wrong (and you’re gonna have a bad time.) With UX copy, if it does anything to distract the user from getting his or her task done, then you’ve created a problem instead of a solution.

Of course some clients want a little pizzazz, and the team tried to sell Cox on a tiny bit of sizzle – fun alert messages, basically, that I had a blast writing, but they got cut.

Mostly this work is about producing effective language that raises no objections from multiple stakeholders and shepherding it all through legal review and into production, while still having a cohesive voice.