I’ve spent most of my career as a freelancer, so my list of clients, agencies and engagements is long.

Pete Giovagnoli PDF Resume

FCB (Current)

PACCAR | CRM email and retail flyer copy, naming

Avanir | NUEDEXTA site content and UX copy, CRM email and DM stream, in-office digital, corporate collateral, campaign concepts, banners
Janssen | INVEGA SUSTENNA HCP/patient brochure
Allergan (branded) | TrueTear DTC and HCP site content and UX copy, EyeCue Pro naming, RESTASIS HCP pieces, campaign concepts, banners
Allergan (unbranded) | Eyepowerment dry eye education site content and UX copy
MFS (Massachusetts Financial Services) | Paid search, native advertising, banners, print
Chamberlain | MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener app promo site content and UX copy

Long Engagements

2002-2014 FCB (multiple)

Cox Communications | ecommerce UI copy 

MolsonCoors | content strategy and execution

Boeing Storyscape | video script and content mocks

Kraft Good Seasons | microsite copy

Applebee’s | site copy, content 

Enova Oil | microsite copy, video script

BlueCross BlueShield of Florida “The Power Of the Human Voice” | site UI copy, banners, IVR script and VO

Hampton Inn, Jell-O Pudding, Philadelphia Cream Cheese | banners

2011-2016 Consulting

Demicubes.com | branding, marketing copy, pitch materials

2010 StickerGiant

‘Blog of Stickers’ | client promo blogging (3/wk, ~10 months)

1999 USWeb/CKS

TalkCity ‘The Talk City Gab’ | character POV email newsletter concept, copy (2/wk, 1 year)

1997-2001 Quantum Leap/Leap Partnership

American Airlines | ecommerce UI copy 

andbook.com | ecommerce UI copy, content strategy

MSNBC | brand book copy 

QL Quantum Objects, Ambassador | white papers 

MSNBC, MSN, HouseNet, Rockwell, USRobotics | contest promos, banners, collateral

MSN | direct mail

Short Engagements

2017 MUSL

MUSL App | Video Scripts

2015 Movéo

Molex | print, banners, brochures

Keck Medicine of USC | print

Medicine Shoppe | brand style guide

Hallstar | banners, collateral

2013 Energy BBDO

State Farm | social posts

2013 Zócalo Group

Bertolli | social posts

2013 SRAM

SRAM | recruitment ads

2012 OMGPOP!

Draw Something! | new category content

2012 GA Communications

Obagi | ecommerce UI copy

2011 The Designory

HP Cloud Services | white papers

2009 EuroRSCG

Valspar | website copy, UX

2006 Inc!te Design

Chicago International Charter Schools | annual report

2001 212Degrees

Orbitz ‘Orbot’ agent | voice, tone, UI approaches


WholeFoods.com Chats | banners 

2000 RPM Advertising

DriveChicago.com | print ads